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November 10th, 2016    Karlee & Emerson | Heritage Hills Golf Resort, York


“Two souls with a single thought,  Two hearts that beat as one ” ~ Keates


Every once in a while we meet a couple that we just know are complete soul mates.

Karlee & Emerson are THAT couple. 

Not only do they look like they belong together on the outside,

but they are truly the definition of happily ever after on the inside. 

When karlee’s beloved mother passed away, fate brought Emerson to her heart…where he will forever live. 

This wedding was so bittersweet.  Heart tugging, yet joyful. 

The unfortunate rain refused to dampen the hilarious antics and joyful union of this beautiful couple.




















































September 28th, 2015     Rachel & Rick | The Farm At Eagle’s Ridge


“Beneath a weeping willow tree, two lovers fell in love.
They held each other close that night. and wished on stars above” ~ Unknown


Rachel & Rick are one of those couples that everyone loves.  So sweet, thoughtful and kind.
We feel so blessed that they chose us to be a part of their very special day.
Eagle’s Ridge Farm, down by the willow tree, was the perfect intimate spot
for their “First Look” AND their exchange of happily ever after.

This is a new favorite venue of ours, there is just something so special about this farm.
From the perfectly groomed grounds, the friendliest of staff
and the gorgeous evening lights that hang so magically above the reception.
There is a reason why there are an exceptional amount of images in this blog…
We just could not stop taking pictures of this wedding to remember!


  session-7583 copy 2

session-7591 copy 2

session-7607 copy 2

session-0856 copy 2

session-7643 copy 2

session-7656 copy

session-7663 copy

session-7673 copy 2

session-1013 copy

session-7704 copy 2

session-7721 copy

session-0984 copy

session-0998 copy 2

session-7733 copy

session-7741-2 copy 2

session-1047 copy

session-1049 copy

session-1140 copy

session-8285 copy 2

session-8361 copy

session-7779 copy 2

session-7792 copy

session-7793 copy

session-7809 copy 2

session-7829 copy

session-8112 copy 2

session-7895 copy

session-7952 copy

session-8082 copy

session-7989 copy 2

session-8012 copy 2

session-8057_pp copy 2

session-8159 copy

session-1213 copy

session-1181 copy

session-8614 copy 2

session-8648 copy

session-1263 copy

session-1272 copy

session-1278 copy

session-8728 copy 2

session-8748 copy

session-8777 copy

session-8791 copy

session-8795 copy

session-8829 copy

session-8861 copy

session-8888 copy

session-8897 copy

session-8907 copy

session-8925 copy

session-8955 copy

session-1337 copy

session-1370 copy

session-9110 copy

session-9156 copy

session-9206 copy

session-9228 copy

session-9236 copy

session-9241 copy

session-9268 copy

session-9029 copy

session-8974 copy


 August 30th, 2015      Alicia & Matt | The Pump House B&B


“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.”
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning


We were literally counting the days until we arrived at Alicia & Matt’s wedding.
Not only is the bride’s mom a special  friend who is dear to my heart, but Alicia and Matt are an extremely unique, charismatic duo!
They are both high school teachers who love what they do and their students adore them.
In fact, it’s such a mutual admiration that the students all had participating roles at the wedding.
ncluding being a fun part of the nerf gun battle finale! 
Yes, you heard me correctly…  this was truly the wedding shoot of a lifetime.
ouncy house, nerf pellets whizzing past your head and, of course, fairies.
After all, what is a wedding without real live fairies skipping about with magic wands?

Alicia is a literature and drama teacher who is overflowing with natural wit and a love for life.
The décor truly mirrored her vivaciousness….brightness of color, donated books galore and happy, happy people.

The Pump House in Bloomsburg, Pa was THE perfect spot for such an imaginative day…the images speak for themselves.  ENJOY!

Thank you so much, Alicia and Matt for inviting us to capture such truly unforgettable moments.




session-5819 copy 2

session-5802 copy

session-5848-2 copy 2

session-5843 copy 2

session-5891 copy

session-0496 copy

session-5931 copy 2

session-5950 copy 2

session-6223 copy 2

session-6247-3 copy 2

session-6005 copy 2

session-6271 copy 2

session-6280 copy

session-6302 copy

session-6325 copy

session-6340 copy 2

session-6380-2 copy

session-6614-2 copy

session-6564 copy 2

session-6578 copy

session-6651 copy 2

session-0637 copy

session-6677 copy 2

session-0653 copy 2

session-0447 copy 2

session-6690 copy 2

session-6703 copy 2

session-0379 copy

session-6740 copy

session-6732 copy 2

session-0620 copy

session-6801 copy 2

session-0673 copy

session-6831 copy 2

session-6847 copy

session-6878 copy 3

session-0729 copy

session-0742 copy

session-6921 copy 2

session-6935 copy 2

session-6952 copy

session-6965 copy 2

session-6974 copy

session-6984 copy

session-0775 copy

session-6997 copy

session-7004 copy




July 15th, 2015      Marlene & Imer | The Trust Performing Arts Center


“If not for you, I’d be adrift, I don’t know what I’d do
I’d be searching for my other half, incomplete, if not for you.”


Oh my goodness!  Cannot believe how far behind we have gotten on blogging our weddings and sessions.
We have been blessed with such wonderful clients…  Marlene and Imer are the crème de la crème …we just love this couple.
They are the reason we love what we do.
Marlene and Imer were so adventurous and up for anything on the streets of Lancaster, we had so much fun.
The Lancaster Trust venue was so unique and the bank vault was the perfect photo prop!
We wish this beautiful couple a world of happiness and love.


session-8 copy

session-15 copy 2

session-17 copy 2

session-4 copy

session-22 copy 2

session-32 copy 2

session-39 copy 2

session-59 copy

session-83 copy

session-88 copy 2

session-94 copy

session-91 copy 2

session-105 copy

session-7277-2 copy

session-166 copy 3

session-158 copy

session-182 copy

session-128 copy

session-127 copy 2

session-154 copy

session-195 copy

session-72 copy 2

session-77 copy 2

session-201 copy

session-204 copy

session-198 copy

session-212 copy 2

session-222 copy 2

session-2-2 copy

session-2-4 copy 2

session-7644 copy

session-7607 copy



April 25th, 2015      Paige and Sean  | Reading Planetarium


“Just meet me in the stars, that is where I will be.
A special place in the stars just for you and for me…”


 We couldn’t be more excited to photograph Paige and Sean’s wedding day.

What could be more nostalgic and intimate than shooting a ceremony in the very same place we were married?
And, what could be more exhilarating than capturing cool shots at a Planetarium reception?

This couple (and their friends and family) sure know how to party.
Non stop love and laughter filled every corner of the room.

Congrats to this wonderful couple!

  untitled-8760 copy 2

untitled-8752 copy

untitled-8913 copy 2

untitled-8908 copy 2

untitled-8816 copy

untitled-8943 copy 2

untitled-6627 copy 2

untitled-6568 copy

untitled-6708 copy 2

untitled-9048 copy

untitled-9064 copy 2

untitled-9119 copy

untitled-6830 copy 2

untitled-9299_pp copy 2

untitled-9285-2 copy 2

untitled-9292 copy

untitled-9333 copy 2

untitled-9367 copy

untitled-9387 copy

untitled-9375 copy

untitled-9461 copy

untitled-9479 copy

untitled-9491 copy

untitled-9497 copy

untitled-9512 copy 2

untitled-9582 copy

untitled-9595 copy

untitled-9604 copy

untitled-9629 copy

untitled-9657 copy

untitled-9662 copy 2

untitled-9690 copy 2

untitled-6951 copy

untitled-9698 copy

untitled-6960 copy

untitled-9569 copy 2


March 14th, 2015      Sabrina & Adam| Carlisle Ribbon Factory


“Never too late for love. ” ~ Warren Zevon

 Wow!  I don’t think I have ever gone this long without blogging EVER!  I could blame it on the holidays?
Whatever went down, I am glad to be back.
Sabrina and Adam were wed last November and their two beautiful boys could not have been happier…or colder!  Ha Ha
Actually, everyone was pretty darn cold in this frigid winter we are having.
But, the warmth of the kindred friendships and families made for very heart-melting photo opportunities.

Enjoy!  And, I promise our next blog will not be 6 months from now.


untitled-1 copy

untitled-19 copy 2

untitled-59 copy

untitled-74 copy 2

untitled-85 copy

untitled-196 copy

untitled-237 copy 2

untitled-250 copy 2

untitled-311 copy 2

untitled-349 copy

untitled-398 copy

untitled-564 copy 2

untitled-593 copy 2

untitled-686 copy

untitled-706 copy 3

untitled-829 copy

untitled-834 copy

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